Howdy and Welcome!

Howdy and Welcome!

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Hello!!  And thank you so much for visiting my brand-spankin’ new blog!  My name is Chelsea and I’m here to help you with any car questions you may have — nothing is too big or small.  I want to empower you to make wise, educated decisions when it comes to car maintenance and repairs.

Tips and tricks will be generated along the way to help you in your ‘journey to car enlightenment’.

Coming to fruition

Ever have an ‘ah-ha!’ moment?  For the longest time, I was wracking my brain on what to write about for this blog.  I knew I wanted to start one but I wasn’t sure where my expertise lay.

Here’s my ‘ah-ha’ moment story.

One day my mom called me because a headlight was burned out in her car (which used to be my car).  I explained the fix: open the hood – unscrew the cap on the back of the headlight – replace the bulb – screw on the cap – viola! fixed.  For me, this was second nature.  For her?  Well, needless to say, she didn’t fix the headlight until she came over to my house for me to fix it.  The idea of opening the hood made her too anxious to the point of not touching it.

At that moment, it clicked.  There are so many others out there like my mom, who want to do a simple car fix by themselves but just don’t know where or how to start.  Opening the hood??  Might as well ask someone to go to the moon.

The Basics

You probably know the basics about your car, right?  It has four wheels and goes from point A to point B.  The doors open and the windows go up and down.  Heck, you might even be lucky enough to find and use cruise control!  

Routine maintenance means taking it in for an oil change once every few months and new tires every couple years.  *Shrugs shoulders*  No big deal.

But there is so much more to owning a car

They each have their own little personalities and quirks.  Sometimes they run great and other times…well..not so much.  

The ‘not so much’.  That’s what I’m here for.

Cars are the most wide-spread, universal mode of transportation and we seem to take them for granted (me included!).  Think of yourself: you go to the doctor for routine check-ups, an illness, when something needs to be addressed, etc.  Our cars should be treated in a similar fashion if we want to keep them ‘alive’ and in tip-top shape.

Ever go to the mechanic and feel helpless and overwhelmed?

Are they seriously speaking a foreign language??

I want to break down ‘mechanic’ talk to laymen’s terms that are easily understandable and help you feel confident, educated, and empowered when making decisions about your car repairs.

What topics will be covered

There are SO MANY topics I will be covering in this blog; from tools 101, checking fluids, when you actually need a new air filter, how to change your tire — I promise, it’s not that hard!

Live in the north?  Got ya covered.  There will be helpful resources like what to put in your winter emergency kits and easy to follow ‘fix-it’ infographics.

We’re doing things a little differently here

This blog is going to be a little different than me just telling you STUFF.  I am interactive with my readers.  When you have a question, concern, experience to share, or topic you’d like me to cover, please, by all means, email me at info @ rookiecarchat. com {please remove the spaces}.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you!

As Red Green would say, “Remember, I’m pulling for you.  We’re all in this together”.   

2 thoughts on “Howdy and Welcome!

  1. Well,I now know how to check my car’s tire pressure. Kinda crazy that I have been doing it wrong for years. That little tire pressure gauge is adorable and I am going to order one.Thank you for the easy to follow directions and great helpful informational how-to’s and why!

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